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Conscious approach to eating

I believe that taking a conscious approach to eating is crucial in today's crazy food world. Becoming what I call a Conscious Eater begins with a change in mindset. Eating consciously simply means to eat with awareness, knowing what we are eating, why we are eating it, where it comes from and how it will make us feel.

Eating consciously allows us to establish the right balance of healthy to unhealthy food, and flexibility to adapt, both crucial to maintain our sanity. Overtime, it creates a deeper understanding of one's body, where eating becomes intuitive and we eat according to our body's needs.

Green tea is packed with health benefits. But did you know that green tea also burns fat and boosts metabolism?

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A Holistic Approach

To truly understand health, we need to look beyond food. In my coaching style I practice a holistic (whole) approach to...

You are Unique

I believe in the concept of bio-individuality, which means that each person has unique food and lifestyle...

Upgrade Your Life

My services are not just for those with specific needs or goals such as weight loss, increased energy or elimination...

Online Coaching Program

Do you want to change your diet, develop new healthy habits or establish a regular exercise routine? Maybe you...

Ready to learn all the secrets to a vibrant health?

I invite you to join me for a complimentary health history session to discuss your unique situation and determine how you can reach your goals.
Why health coaching

I am thrilled you are here because it means that like me, you are a health conscious individual. Whether you already consider yourself healthy or you are just awakening to the potential of a healthy lifestyle, this site is for you.

  • You struggle with emotional or binge eating
  • You have unrestful sleep and wake up tired
  • You feel stressed and anxious
  • You want to learn about health and wellness
  • You realise that health should be one of your top priorities
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